Massages offered

Deep tissue

The treatment involves maneuvers performed firmly but with a constant and delicate touch, to facilitate the dissolution of contractures and allows to restore blood circulation

Sports massage

Sports massage specifically for sports activities. This type of massage with elasticizing and vascularizing manual skills. Aims to speed up recovery as much as possible.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a special type of massage with relaxing purposes and general well-being. It is characterized by the execution of different manipulations of lesser or higher intensity.

Relaxing massage

Gentle and relaxing massage with the aim of completely relaxing mind and body in a unique harmony

Back and neck massages

30 minutes

The decontracting back and neck massage, it is recommended for those suffering from contractures, spinal cord disorders and accumulations of stress. The treatment is performed starting from the lumbar area of the back and works its way up to the neck.

Foot reflexology

30 minutes

Foot reflexology is a technique that involves pressing and massaging the soles of the feet, with the aim of relieving certain ailments or pathologies in other parts of the body.

Decontracting massage

It helps the relaxation of sore and tired muscles muscle tension the pain induced by them and speed up recovery times.

Lymphatic drainage massage “Vodder method“

No oil 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a specialized type of massage that acts on lymphatic circulation. It helps the body get rid of excess liquid and toxins.

Draining massage

Reduces swelling of the legs, allows to alleviate the feeling of tiredness and heaviness, addresses the stagnation of blood and lymphatic fluids.

Facial massage

20 minutes

Massage with multiple functions including stimulation of elastin, collagen, lymphatic circulation firming the facial muscles

Barbara massage

Personalized massage consisting of a mix of techniques

Unless noted all massages are 55 minutes and use 100% sweet almond oil