Summary of massages offered

My work in massages focuses on working with clients to find long-term relief from chronic conditions like anxiety, stress, joint and body pain and migraines. 

I provide an integrated massage therapy approach utilizes traditional Swedish massage techniques and incorporates other modalities where therapeutically appropriate. These include Decontraction massage, specific Cervical and Lombardic massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Or specific sports massage to prevent challenges coming from heavy sports activities.

In our first meeting we will review health history together to identify major complaints and short-term and long-term goals in-depth. Your session will be designed around these factors and explained to you in detail. Post-massage we will assess overall wellbeing, improvements and what you found beneficial in order to create an ongoing treatment plan. You will also be provided with home care instructions.

Therapeutic massage

Massage therapy is the therapeutic massage of muscles and connective tissues whose main objective is to prevent or treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and rehabilitate those who suffer from it.

The human body allows us to move, think, love and work, but it needs constant care and attention including physical activity, nutrition and massages.

Among the various specializations of therapeutic massage I support are the following.

Decontracting Massage

Set of massage and acupressure in case of pain due to stress, sports fatigue, working or chronic postures. Its aim is to deeply manipulating the tissues. Its final goal to relax the muscle of the treated area, stimulating blood circulation to expel waste products. This will produce an optimally oxygenated tissue in the massaged area. As a consequence a analgesic and relaxing effect, able to resolve contractions.

Lymphatic drainage Massage

The effect of the lymphatic drainage massage is to increase the lymphatic flow and relieve pain. It is very importance in the treatment of recent traumas, as well as after sports injuries. This technique uses rhythmic, slow and highly precise movements.

Lumbar and Cervical Massage

Cervical massage therapy is a therapeutic massage useful for combating pain in the neck and upper back. It does not focus directly on the muscle affected by pain but evaluates entire anatomical area.

As a result of a cervical massage therapy session you can expect reduced inflammatory symptoms, decreases stiffness and pain caused by stress or emotional tension. It acts with a dual effect. One the one hand the deep massage helps to loosen the muscles and reduce the feeling of stiffness. On the other hand, the relaxing effect generated by the massage influences the whole body and helps to reduce the states of anxiety that can be the cause of pain.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is beneficial for athletes who want to keep the body healthy. It helps to accelerate the process of cool-down after exertion. It helps to accelerate the recovery of muscles and tendons. Sports Massages are help either before a competition, as preparation, during competition breaks or afterwards, to reduce fatigue.
Usually the sports massage is applied post race to mitigate the consequences due to the production of lactic acid, dissolve cramps and muscle tension, solve problems of muscle fibrosis and stretching.